Matt Gilchrist & Sam Carroll represented the landlord to lease Parskide 101 to Airship.  This newly redeveloped project is now 100% occupied.

Another growing tech firm is moving to Parkside.

Software development company Airship will be relocating its offices to the Parkside 101 development at First Avenue South and 12th Street South. It will join Knight Eady and Clutch!, which are also moving into the redeveloped property.

“Over the last several years, part of our mission statement is to create transformational change in the community, and what we found is we wanted to be a little bit more in proximity to the center of that community,” Airship cofounder and CEO Trent Kocurek said. “We want to find a way to get closer to the center of the community that we are trying to enact change in. We see this as a big opportunity to kind of make it our own.”

Kocurek said the move can serve as a boon for Airship’s clients as the space will act as a great place for them to come in and experience what he calls their creative environment.  Airship provides its services in person, but with the company doing a fair amount of remote work with clients all across the United States, this new space will allow Airship to design a collaborative environment that can allow the company to provide a better experience.

The company has ranked as one of Birmingham’s fastest-growing companies and was recently named one of Birmingham’s Best Places to Work.

Matt Gilchrist of Graham & Co. was the leasing agent, and Williams Blackstock is the architecture firm.

In terms of future hires, the company has made some local hires, but is finding out a strategy to have their remote hires work more collaboratively in their workspace.

“When we expect them to be in the office were kind of training them and getting them up to speed. We want a place whiting where we can go private, head down, get some things done there,” he said. “So this office is going to allow us to not only accommodate some of the newer folks as we hire them, but also give areas for our folks who like to come in more often to go private and pair together in an easier way.”

Kocurek said the addition of firms like Airship, Knight Eady and other projects in the pipeline are showing the potential of the Parkside district, which is located in close proximity to Innovation Depot and its mix of growing companies that will eventually be on the hunt for space.

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