Like every service Graham & Company offers, one of our significant advantage is the average level of experience our brokers bring to landlord representation
That level of experience manifests itself in a willingness to understand matters from each client’s perspective, and to translate their needs into strategic solutions that balance their objectives with the realities of the marketplace.

One prevailing trend driving today’s market, where landlords and tenants are concerned, is the historically high costs of construction — which has put a virtual halt to the development of new office space. At the same time, given the continued popularity of the Work From Home option, we see no signs of office-occupancy rates returning to pre-pandemic levels.
In addition to a deep understanding of market trends and cycles, and a broad network of valuable contacts, we also offer the kind of compelling marketing support that attracts consistently high-quality tenants.

Ultimately, we believe landlord representation is a matter of balance — securing the best possible rental rates for the clients we serve, while ensuring that their properties deliver both the value and service standards that inspire stable, long-term tenant relationships.