Innovation Ignites: Ford Pro Elite Commercial Service Center to Elevate Birmingham’s Vehicle Maintenance Scene

With innovation propelling the automotive industry forward, Graham & Co. has officially begun laying the ground work on the Ford Pro Elite Commercial Service Center. Scheduled for an April debut, this cutting-edge facility promises to reshape how businesses in the Greater Birmingham area manage their commercial vehicles, ushering in a new era of efficiency and convenience.

Redefining Vehicle Care Dynamics

Graham & Co. and Stivers Ford of Birmingham are steering the commercial vehicle maintenance landscape towards a novel direction with the Ford Pro Elite Commercial Service Center. Beyond bricks and mortar, this facility spanning 70,000 square feet signifies a leap towards a customer-oriented future, powered by ingenuity.

Addressing Local Business Demands

Eddie Stivers, head of Stivers Automotive Groups, address the crowd at August 29th’s Ground Breaking Ceremony.

Eddie Stivers, at the helm of Stivers Automotive Group, has a finger on the pulse of local business needs. Recognizing a gap in comprehensive vehicle maintenance options, the Ford Pro Elite Commercial Service Center steps in. It will extend service hours, integrate top-notch training and tools, expand service bays, introduce mobile service choices, and cater to a wide range of vehicles, enabling businesses to maintain momentum without downtime disruptions.

An Unmatched Service Array

The Ford Pro Elite Commercial Service Center marks a significant milestone for Birmingham. It’s Alabama’s maiden Ford Pro Elite commercial facility and embraces Ford as well as non-Ford vehicles, encompassing commercial models from Class 1 to 7 and electric vehicles. Bolstered by over 50 repair stations, a cutting-edge body shop, and a comprehensive commercial parts operation, the center’s promise is swift and efficient service.

Revitalizing Spaces, Spurring Growth

Nestled at the intersection of Messer Airport Highway and 30th Street North, this 6-acre site redefines rejuvenation. What was once a auto junk yard, now stands as a testament to reclamation. Although this is big news for both Graham and Stiver’s Ford, the real win is for the economic resurgence taking center stage, as the potential for more than 150 full-time jobs materializes

April’s horizon gleams with anticipation as the Ford Pro Elite Commercial Service Center prepares for its debut. Birmingham’s commercial vehicle maintenance landscape is on the cusp of a transformation. Innovation meets convenience, and partnership ignites growth. With a symphony of progress conducted by Graham & Co. and Stivers Ford, Birmingham’s streets are primed to witness a dynamic automotive evolution, where efficiency, innovation, and business vitality intersect.


A portion of the Graham & Company Team: Henry V. Graham, II, President; Matthew Graham, CEO; Sonny Culp, Senior VP, Crosby Taylor, Associate; Ogden Deaton, Senior VP