As much as any service Graham & Company offers, property management is about meticulous attention to detail — and a tireless dedication to maintaining the quality and service standards property owners and tenants expect and deserve.

Graham’s Property Management division is focused, at all times, on optimizing the value of our clients’ properties — keeping buildings and grounds attractive and in good condition, while addressing tenant concerns promptly and professionally. Moreover, our close associations with trusted local contractors, vendors and on-site personnel — coupled with our 24/7 on-call availability — ensures a rapid response to any issue in need of urgent attention.

Our Commercial Property Management Services Include:


  • Coordinating work schedules for on-site maintenance technicians and janitorial services.
  • Responding to after-hours emergency service requests.
  • Communicating with tenants in a timely, professional manner regarding all relevant building issues.


  • Ensuring compliance with GAAP accounting rules in financial transactions and reporting.
  • Utilizing Yardi Software’s real-estate-based accounting system to create financial reports, process account payables and receivables, and manage the lease administration process.
  • Offering monthly financial data for review by a Graham property manager and property accountant — as well as our CFO — before submitting for client approval.


  • Maintaining competitive pricing for project maintenance from outside contractors.
  • Providing diligent follow-up with outside contractors, to verify all work is satisfactorily completed, before issuing payment.
  • Informing tenants, as necessary, of any work being performed.


  • On a weekly basis, thoroughly reviewing, verifying, coding and submitting all invoices to accounting for payment.
  • Maintaining all invoices in organized files.


  • Ensuring that all service requests are answered, and dispatched to the appropriate personnel.
  • Verifying that all valid service requests are fulfilled, while providing follow-up on specific requests when necessary.


  • Performing weekly building inspections, including walkways, stairwells, restrooms, mechanical / electrical rooms and janitorial closets.
  • Performing weekly inspections of property exteriors and parking areas.
  • Performing monthly inspections of vacant spaces to ensure optimal presentation.
  • Ensuring maintenance, janitorial personnel and/or contract workers address any issues found during inspections.


  • Maintaining accurate contact information — including after-hours / emergency contacts — for every contactor and tenant.
  • Maintaining accurate contact information for all local emergency personnel (police, fire, health department, etc.)
  • Preparing and distributing tenant satisfaction surveys each year.